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Bettinger’s Luggage


What began with the inspiration and desperation of an immigrant peddler grew to become one of New York’s most notable luggage shops. The story of a father whose life evolves around luggage and a son who is not afraid of saying he is sick of the business and the way it has treated him. Through years of emotionless bad communication with his father the son is at a breaking point. The question is will he have the courage to get the message to his father whose own aspirations to be a veterinarian were squelched when he was young by HIS own father. Through much laughter and tears Bettinger’s Luggage deals with the all too common problem of hierarchical generations.

All the characters have their own lower Eastside charm. Lou, the owner of the store, his son George who hates the business and wants to be a standup comic, Heshie the old country eastern European sage who gives advice to any one who will listen, and Angel, the young Puerto Rican who came to work at the age of eleven and never left.