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Theater Sessions New York
Sessions Book, Music, and Lyrics by Albert Tapper

Sessions is a musical that illuminates vignettes of therapy conducted by a genuinely caring practitioner. The fictional Dr. Peter Peterson cajoles, advises, and attentively listens to patients who experience marital squabbles, physical and emotional abuse, and innocent and harmless neuroses. The patients make up individual therapy, couples, and group. It is done with humor and seriousness depending on the issues each patient or patients are trying to resolve. Peterson questions his own abilities and views his work as an art rather than a science. Sometimes he helps and derives a sense of accomplishment and at other times he is angry with himself for what he views as a missed diagnosis. "Why didn't I see that?" Or when angry at a patient, "Why did she lie to me?" After each encounter he makes notes on what just occurred (this is done in song). The musical is filled with humorous encounters as well as the pathos of sessions that seem so impossible to resolve.

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